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Address: Amon Trading Compound. E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., cor., Corporal Cruz St., Bagong Ilog, Pasig City

Our Products



  1. Three-Phase Transformers                                                     http://www.tirathai-transformer.com/index.php
  2. Authomatic Voltage Regulators
  3. Transformer parts, accessories, and IEDs                      http://www.qualitrolcorp.com/
  4. Substation Equipment IEDs
  5. Neutral Grounding Resistor (NGR)                                    http://www.filnor.com/
  6. LV/MV/HV/EHV Power Cables                                             http://www.lsvinacable.com.vn/
  7. Control and Instrumentation cables                                 http://www.lsvinacable.com.vn/
  8. Overhead Conductors for T/L                                                http://www.lsvinacable.com.vn/
  9. Substation and T/L HV Connectors                                    http://www.smi.co.kr/eng/main.html
  10. AC and DC High Voltage Test Equipment                       http://www.phenixtech.com/
  11. Power Circuit Breaker Test Intruments                          http://www.dv-power.com/                                               
  12. Serveron Online DGA                                                                http://http://www.dv-power.com/
  13. Motor and Generator Test Instruments                         https://irispower.com/

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