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Technical Services



A. Power Transformer Services

1. Preventive and Condition Base Maintenance (CBM Testing) 

2. Assembly, Installation, and Site-Acceptance Testing (SAT)

3. Oil Purification or Oil Reclamation

4. Oil Leak Corrections and Re-Gasketing  

5. Oil Replacement or Oil Regeneration

6. Transformer Insulation Drying  

7. Parts and Accesories Replacement  

8. Complete Oil Laboratory Test

9. Post Failure Testing Analysis

10. Site or Plant Repair 

11. Training and Technical Seminars on Above

12. Substation Preventive Mainteanace, Installation, Testing and Commissioning 


B. Transformer Electrical Test

1. Insulation Resistance Test

2. Insulation or Dissipation Power Factor Test

3. AC Hi Potential Test

4. Frequency Response Analysis 

5. Leakage Reactance Test

6. Dynamic Resistance Test

7. Winding Resistance Test

8. Transformer Turns Ration Test

9. Polarization Recovery Voltage Test

10. Partial Discharge Test


C. Oil Laboratory Test

1. Dielectric Breakdown Voltage

2. Insulation Dissipation Power Factor Test 

3. Water or Moisture Content Test

4. Interfacial Tension Test

5. Acidity or Neutralization Number Test

6. Dissolve Gas Analysis 

7. DP or Furan Analysis 

8. Inhibitor Content / Oxidation Test

9. Corrosive Sulfur Test

10. Particles Count Test

11. PCB and Other Physical Characteristics Tests














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